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Seeing Trainspotting back in 1996 was easily the most exhilarating, movie watching experience I’ve ever had in a cinema. That probably sounds a bit over the top, but that movie hit me hard.

It had humour, horror, pathos, terrific characters brought to life by a ensemble cast born to play their parts & a phenomenal soundtrack that was a part of the fabric of the movie unlike most movies were the soundtrack usually feels like background music. It also had one of the all time best ever movie endings.

The sequel (T2 Trainspotting) came out in my neck of the woods last month and I wasn’t disappointed. Naturally I didn’t have the same experience as of 1996, but that would be like expecting to have the same kind of Christmas morning thrill I had as wee kid now as an adult. It was exactly what it needed to be, a movie about the passing of time & the loss of youth. Very apt for the likes of myself & my friends who saw the first movie back at the beginning of our twenties and now like the characters in T2 we find ourselves slipping into middle age.

Anyway the guy in the drawing above is ‘Francis Begbie’ as played to a psychotic tee by Robert Caryle.

Pencils on Cartridge Paper

Christmas Drawing 2016
Snowy imagery has always put a particular kind of spell on me, and this year's Christmas themed piece reflects that.

Pencils on Cartridge Paper
Leonard Cohen Tribute Drawing
Growing up, Leonard Cohen's songs were never my favourite kind. Along with the likes of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Paddy Riley, Jethro Tull, The Beatles, Foster & Allen and a pile of others, Cohen contributed to the soundtrack of my childhood. His lyrics were soulful & poetic, his melody's sombre & haunting, but to my young ears his songs didn't appeal like those of my musical heroes,The Beatles.
Yet as an adult his music now resonates for me in a way that nobody else's does. Anytime I hear a Cohen song of old, the past comes alive in a way that no other piece of music, photo, movie, or smell can evoke.

Rest in Peace Leonard & thank you for the songs.

Pencils on Cartridge Paper
The Beatles
I finally got around to drawing my all time favourite Band. 

Pencils on Cartridge Paper




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